Hi. I'm Filip.

Have you ever wondered how the world around you works? Your favorite mobile app, website or service? 

I have. My interest is working with high-quality teams to create world-changing products. That is why I try to lead by example and help others thrive.

Check out my work below and get in touch with me.

Case Studies

Understand how I think and solve problems

User experience design can be difficult to capture in a portfolio. This is why I created these studies to showcase how I approach, research and solve problems.

"Managing Filip was surprisingly easy because of his work ethic, passion for learning and working well with a team"

His capacity to absorb knowledge and connect things to make new conclusions is surprising. While creating concepts he showed a high level of independence and responsibility. He personally tested products at the end of each sprint, thus assuring the quality and fulfillment of the approved concept. 

Mario vagner
Worked as Project Manager and my immediate superior

About Me

My experience and skills

I have worked on numerous projects, both as part of a team and a freelancer. Here is an overview of what I did and the skills I developed.

Management skills

Product development

Quality Assurance

Design Skills​

Technical Skills

Hobbies & Interests

How i spend my time

In my spare time, I work on my own projects and contribute to the UX community. 

Caring About Better UX

My passion for great user experience goes outside of the workplace. I want to help improve the products I use so I don’t shy away from providing feedback and suggestions.

Helping People Become Stronger

Since 2014 I’ve been running Mind of Steel, a self-improvement website that focuses on building mental strength. Through the site, I’ve published almost 100 articles and several books, as well as publishing a weekly newsletter.